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'Lupus' hops between trying to be a writer and trying to be an artist faster than you might blink. Whether he's any good at either is up for debate, especially with himself. They say madness is doing the same thing over and over expecting get a different result each time. Trying at anything must be madness then. He figures he must be mad then. But when someone says something nice, you'll make him smile. Even if the duty to be a self-deprecating stereotypical British person comes into effect.

When he's not trying to be one thing or the other, Lupus is prone to writing journals about obscure philosophical points, the main subjects being that language has no truth to it, the idea of a writer is just some stereotype divorced from reality, and issues about maintaining individuality and self-identity. All this stems from wanting to be seen as neither an artist or writer, but a person who happens to write. And rock climb. And Scuba dive. And pretty much do all the things the archetypal 'writer' doesn't. But really he's more interested in what other people are up to. Pop in and say hello, help yourself to a virtual cup of tea (that's one of the English stereotypes, right?) and talk. There's far too much egoism going on when only one person is talking, and he's sure you have something interesting to say. There's nothing wrong with just talking after all.

And what's up with that name, Lupus? He picked it out. Good word in Latin. The shape of it is almost symmetrical too. Saves him having to use a real name. Not really anything much else to it. Not everything a writer does has to have some deeper meaning.

Posted here are sketches and short stories that he writes while taking a break from novels. One book is already written so that elusive milestone of actually finishing a book is completed. Now it's on to a series, which will then be followed by a standalone science-fiction book he's been planning for years, and then all the other ideas that he's had not time to pay attention to. Lupus is absolutely in no hurry to get things into print. He has time, and why worry? The story's got to be good in the first place, after all.

Lupus also runs a blog. Who doesn't these days? On it, he posts things about everything. You might want to check it out. It's different to dA. For one thing, the name isn't Lupus there.
I seem to be developing a habit of metaphorically dropping matches and seeing what happens. It's kind of fun.


Why write a comment when I can give you a critique? Anyway what I really like about this is the softness to it. The colours blend well ...

by Amriah

Huzzah, those without premium can write critiques! So, where are we at? Let's take a look at the scene. What do I think stands out? How...

If you want to request a critique on a piece of your work, note me with the details!

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Thank you for the fav+!
W-Lupus Mar 9, 2014   Writer
You're welcome - keep up the great work!
Echolalic-Ellie Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the watch! :la:
W-Lupus Mar 9, 2014   Writer
You're welcome!
While I certainly appreciated the cleverly constructed and satire laden argument (and argument within the argument) in your recent DD, I simply had to come here to express my immense joy in reading your responses to all of the comments you had gotten to. The patience you expressed, and the points you made, brilliant and beautiful.

I know this is a strange reaction, but thank you so much for representing the literature community and striving to help others as you did. You are truly awesome.
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